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Four-by-Two have worked with The Dune Group as their creative partner for the past seven years — developing retail concepts across the brand’s portfolio.

Dune recognised that in order to continue successful expansion in an increasingly competitive marketplace, they needed to reach out to a broader, fashion-focused customer base. Dune wanted to create something unique, impactful and ownable, so they briefed us to develop a strong, unisex, fashion-focused and seasonal concept that would serve to stop people in their tracks.

The Brief

Bridging the gap between art installation, visual merchandising and store design, the ‘inverted catwalk’ is a striking ceiling feature, whereby 100 shoes are held in place by magnets on a metal runway, providing an irreverent yet intrinsically appealing display that is literally strutting up and out of the store. Video footage creates a feeling of movement, as well as showing the product and emphasising the catwalk concept. The stores are designed to be approachable and open-fronted, enhancing the catwalk feature, and creating an irresistible draw.

Our Solution

The ‘catwalk’ store concept has played a significant part in Dune’s success story. Locations carrying the catwalk concept design have seen significant like-for-like sales uplift

Zoe Owen, Dune London