When it opened its doors on London’s Kensington High Street in 2017, Studio B revolutionised the mainstream banking model. A new space immersed in technology and centred around an innovation lab, it has helped shape the next generation of banking.

Four-by-Two delivered an environment designed to nurture ideas, reinventing not only how we view high street banking, but also the ways in which banks can shape our relationship with money. Also known as The Lab, the space is a place where ideas can be heard, discussed, and – if they have potential – developed into real solutions for everyday life.

When creating the Studio B identity, we took a pared-back approach, simplifying the bold imagery and colours of B to create a fresh, futuristic look representing invention, ideas and imagination. Another opportunity to elevate the Studio B brand presence was to utilise window real estate and create bespoke art-led installation, along with advertising and messaging campaigns that provided a medium to creatively tell a brand’s story.

Inside Studio B, innovation lab meets cool café meets events space. The industrious look and feel developed by Four-by-Two emphasises the creative focus of the space, ensuring it feels tangible and real; the beating heart of innovation.

Designed to foster new ideas and put consumers at the heart of the brand, Studio B took a giant step towards reshaping the future of banking.