The award-winning creative team behind Buck & Birch approached Four-by-Two to develop a new identity for their handcrafted elderberry liqueur, Aelder Elixir, that would also feature on the drink’s bottle and label design.

Already established with their innovative dining experiences, Aelder Elixir is one of numerous wild flavour experiments developed in ‘The Shed’. The result is a drink rekindled from the embers of the past and inspired by nature.

Our strong and iconic design now features across Buck & Birch’s core range and Four-by-Two is delighted to have contributed to the growth of the brand.

Aelder logo branding and type design, inspired by the Birch tree.

At Four-by-Two, we exist to elevate brands and love to see the positive changes and growth in our client’s product or service. Be part of the journey of Buck & Birch and get a flavour of Scotland’s natural larder.

Buck & Birch Aelder bottle photography. The bottle sits on a black background with elderberries alongside.
Aelder cocktail photograhy
Buck & Birch, Aelder Neat cocktail, photographed on wooden background.