Global Health Campus

The Global Fund and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, commissioned Four-by-Two to create the brand strategy for the Global Health Campus in Geneva, which brings together global health partners and over a thousand employees to unlock the collective potential of their distinctive missions in tackling global health issues.

What was immediately obvious was that people are at the heart of all the organisations involved, be they staff, brand ambassadors or those they’re trying to help. There was a true sense of equality among everyone we spoke to. It was this that informed our creative route.

Focusing on the notion of human touch, we looked at the traditional art of body painting which inspired the word marque and signifier for the Campus. Again, replicating the concept of an organic, living entity, the design takes on this persona with the seven strands symbolising the building’s seven floors. Using pictorials as the common language throughout the building further reinforces the point that we’re all the same. Speaking to everyone in a language we all understand unites us in deeper, meaningful ways.

Adaptability is a key aspect of this project and we’re excited by the implementation of phase one, with the potential for continued growth, transformative augmentation and humble additions in ongoing phases, which will always complement the conscientious and dedicated work of those who call the Global Health Campus their home.

“It was immediately obvious that people are the heart of all organisations involved,
whether staff, brand ambassadors or those the work is aiming to help there was a
true sense of equality among everyone that we came across in abundance.
It was this that informed our creative route”.

Cameron Welsh, Four-by-Two

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