Crafting steel creations

Driven by a passion for and curiosity in everything we do, our approach to delivering extraordinary projects is forged through meaningful conversations.

Our recent project at Edinburgh Park brought together a team of craftspeople and artisans, each bringing exclusive knowledge in problem-solving. From the onset of the project, our vision was to land something big, punctual and in keeping with the park strategy of curated art was critical. Edinburgh Park continually evolves, ushering in a new era of connectivity and lifestyle. With Edinburgh City blending into its fringes and bringing the ‘urban cool’, a new approach to navigating the estate will further elevate this landmark setting.

Part of the branding, navigation and wayfinding strategy was to fabricate midilith structures out of corten weathering steel, also known as atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel, it is highly effective for external architectural applications.

Detailing is critical, and the design vision required these supersized structures to be impactful, yet be transformative and blend into the natural environment. In these pictures, we are at the fabrication stage, having prototyped the structure out of wood, at its actual size, we were able to refine the design. All the previous discussions, 3D modelling and prototyping pushed us towards a solution that will feature sophisticated design qualities.

Curiosity is essential for success in design and fuels our motivation to explore.

Meet the makers: Old School Fabrications & J.Sailer Fabrications


Four-by-Two discussing fabrication and production details with midilith and panels in situ.
Four-by-Two welding the wayfinding units, with sparks flying.
Four-by-Two with their final wayfinding units lined up at metal works.