Four-by-Two is a global brand design and interior architecture studio with a rich heritage stretching back more than 20 years. Born in London’s Shoreditch and now operating out of Edinburgh’s vibrant Leith, we partner with clients across the UK and beyond, crafting bespoke brands, spaces and experiences for fledgling start-ups to iconic brands.

The Studio

From design to delivery, we create spaces, build brands, and shape environments. We’re not here to dictate but to listen, be responsive, and provide the appropriate solution to every project.

Whether leading super-creative concept thinking or rolling out high-end global retail concepts, elevating brand awareness, unveiling immersive visitor experiences or re-imagining neighbourhood restaurants and bars, Four-by-Two is dedicated to delivering unique spaces and experiences. You can take a closer look at some of our projects.

Brand DesignBranding isn’t just about the printed page – it’s about style, tone of voice and even texture. We take the time to get to know our clients, to find out what makes them tick. Only then we can start bringing the vision to life, elevating their brand story in an engaging manner.
InteriorsWhether working on retail projects, in shopping centres, listed buildings, department stores or stand-alone flagships, every project is tailored specifically to a shared vision with the client team. The result is a unique environment that will still look fresh in years to come.
ArchitectureWe have experience in all aspects of architectural projects, encompassing the refurbishment of listed buildings, extensions, and new-build solutions. From initial concept through to planning and  completion, we see each project as a unique opportunity.
DeliveryFrom cost control to contract supervision, off-site planning of the manufacture process to on-site management of the installation: Our solutions are born and radiated from our fundamental design purpose, to deliver projects sound in value and proven to deliver results. And we do.

We put the right people on the right job, simple as that.
Our staff are central to our success, so we take the time to nurture
talent, inspire creativity and listen to new ideas.

We deliver exceptional spaces and media that connect people with brand through storytelling and experiences.

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