A great fortress standing proud and defiant

Travel, adventure, and exploring – our curiosity for information gathering about our environment and everything around us takes us to so many interesting destinations. During the mid-term break, clan McIntyre headed back to one of our favourite places: County Durham. A trip to Raby Castle proved to be one of the best days out — visiting one of England’s finest medieval castles.

Originally built as a Viking settlement of King Cnut, known as ‘Rabi’ in the 11th century, the Castle as it stands today was built for the mighty dynasty of the Nevilles in the 14th Century. A tour takes you through select rooms that are open to the public and you are greeted in each space by incredibly knowledgeable staff, each one bringing to life the history and tales of the castle, along with all major events that have helped shape the castle.

One interesting fact was about a coronation crown, found only 10 weeks ago, in a box, shoved at the back of a cupboard. Best start having a look in our cupboards back home!

Four-by-Two visit Raby Castle, a blue sky with the castle lake and garden in foreground.