Up on the catwalk

By Craig McIntyre,

With bitter chills and heavy snow falls it feels less like the start of March – the month synonymous with daffodils and (surely) the inevitable change in season – and more like midwinter somewhere far more extreme than the UK! However, here we are amidst the ‘thundersnow’ which is making us long for the cosy cashmere and layered looks we saw recently at the Johnstons of Elgin presentation; their first at London Fashion Week. Showcasing their A/W 2018 collection at The College in Holborn, it gave us a perfect and exciting opportunity to celebrate a client we always eagerly anticipate working with. 

Johnstons of Elgin is rooted in Scottish history; taking note respectfully of heritage and traditions, skills honed over generations and the natural, raw beauty and colour of Scotland they have carefully crafted a brand that evokes tasteful, understated luxury. By focussing on exquisite, tactile fabrics paired with well considered designs that are not trend led they transcend the often crass nature of the fashion industry. By appealing to their customer’s emotions and desires by reflecting them in the brand rather than continually creating a different, opposing story to sell them they repeatedly remain relevant. Propelling the brand forward by bucking the notion of disposable fashion by crafting garments that draw on timeless beauty in turn weaves this personal, honourable value into the company itself. Johnstons of Elgin offer a rare, innocent product that is precious to their customer, only making it all the more desirable to the mass market.

In their most recent collection, neutral camels and charcoal greys are offset with statement, contemporary tartans in modern shapes. Belted, judo style jackets are paired with masculine trousers to create an androgynous yet alluring silhouette while completely tonal outfits evoke an understated air of luxury, wealth and poise. A youthful element is injected with the use of bright cobalt blue, high necks in warm yellow and minimal boxy shapes which bring a sense of effortless chic to the overall aesthetic of the collection.

Carving their own unique path within the industry, Johnstons of Elgin explore and champion creative expertise, true talent and stories with meaning. They are against fast fashion and strive for honest, everlasting philosophies. They are respected leaders in the field, who quietly but confidently make a difference by creating something they genuinely believe in. It is always a pleasure working with a company that has shared ideals to your own which is why we love working with them; helping to translate this pure passion and beautiful brand into an equally inspiring and thought provoking journey for their customer is what we love to do!

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