Four by Two celebrate

By Craig McIntyre,

At Four-by-Two, we’ve always believed that really good design is a powerful business tool.

The Dune ‘Catwalk Concept’ recently won a 2017 DBA Design Effectiveness Silver Award in the Personal Goods category.

The Design Business Association is the UK’s most vocal champion of the role of effective design in the creation of business growth. The DBA was founded in 1986 to recognise, communicate and reward the integral role that design effectiveness plays in commercial success.

The brief was for a new retail concept to assert Dune at the forefront of ‘affordable-luxury’ footwear in the minds of its customers; and to meet specific criteria to drive growth in key product categories such as accessories and men’s shoes. And, thus, to drive the brand forward internationally.

The resulting Dune ‘Catwalk Concept’ changed the dynamic of the brand, and the most important way of communicating the value of design is by measuring its true effectiveness.

The DBA’s annual Design Effectiveness Awards is the only award scheme that uses commercial data as a key judging criteria.