A unique collaboration

By Craig McIntyre,

Four-by-Two were delighted to be asked to look at creating new packaging for a very special Scottish elixir. The successful partnership behind The Buck and Birch, Rupert Waites and Tom Chisholm, have resurrected from the embers of the past, Aelder, a wild Scottish elderberry elixir. Together, they have created a truly unique, sophisticated and contemporary drink, elevating many of Scotland’s forgotten ingredients back into the consciousness.

To celebrate the launch of Buck and Birch’s Aelder, we teamed up with the fantastic team at the Leith Chop House. The evening was used to showcase this truly innovative and crafted luxury spirit, with a Scottish wilderness inspired cocktail masterclass led by Leith Chop House head mixologist Mike Lynch.

The evening was attended by many distinguished figures from the drinks industry, retail and hospitality along with like-minded and visionary social media bloggers.

For the team behind Aelder, this is the beginning of a very exciting journey and we look forward to introducing the new look packaging in the coming weeks. Watch this space!

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French reunion

By Craig McIntyre,

Summer is well underway and it’s holiday season in the Four-by-Two office. The team are preparing for adventures and looking forward to destinations, some near to home, some further afield. Our perception changes when we travel: Different cultures and foreign locations enable us to return home filled with fresh ideas that make the every day seem exotic.

No mater how we choose to make the journey, we all get excited about what awaits us when we arrive. Over the coming weeks, we shall share our experiences and from behind the camera, bring our personal postcards to the screen.

This year, we headed to Clam, situated in the Charente-Maritime (Poitou-Charentes region) in the west of France. We flew into Bordeaux late in the evening and made the onward journey to visit relatives. The house at which we were staying is steeped in history having originally being the village bakery. The 250 year old ovens are still in working order and once the restoration of them is complete, the air will be filled with the scent of freshly baked bread.

Our location offered us a wonderful base to explore the region, Cognac is a thirty minute drive and numerous Châteaux adorn the countryside along the way. The Atlantic coast is just over an hour to the East and we were lucky enough on a trip to Rochefort to go on board a replica of the frigate Hermione, a Concorde class ship of the French Navy. The original ship from 1779 became famous for ferrying General Lafayette who fought in the American Revolutionary War. The replica ship took 15 years to complete and recently arrived back in France after completing an historic four-month Atlantic voyage.

A visit to a French municipal town would not be complete without a trip to the weekly food market and sampling the great dishes on offer, as well as the wine!


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