Dunes of Switzerland

By Craig McIntyre,

Not sand dunes, in this case; but lots of stunning scenery nonetheless as Marta criss-crosses the beautiful country of Switzerland to manage three Dune London store openings.

Zürichsee is the huge lake that enters the city and sends its waters off on a journey along the Limmat River, the length of Switzerland to meet the Rhine. It’s beautiful, as are the narrow streets and the colourful, traditional architecture of the old town. Boats and mountains: I’m glad there’s a Dune opening here.

Then there’s the railway system. I don’t know if the word ‘clockwork’ was invented here or whether the Swiss have just taken the concept of timekeeping more seriously than the rest of us. Either way, I travelled to the very north of the country for my next site visit – to St Gallen – and then to Bern; and back. What a pleasure it was! And as our train moved punctiliously through snowy landscapes I was struck by another observation: the curiously timeless and haphazard appearance of snow on trees and roofs in this most precise of countries.

Oh, and there’s chocolate everywhere. I’m glad about that, too.


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