New York Minutes

By Martin Naylor,

Following the launch of Dune’s first U.S. flagship on Broadway in fall 2015, a second catwalk concept store has opened in Long Island’s Roosevelt Field Mall, with a third to follow suit at Westfield World Trade Centre. We headed out for a visit a few weeks ago.

Standing inside Calatrava’s Westfield World Trade Centre’s Oculus you can’t help but feel immersed in a little piece of history in the making. Standing well below grade in its belly, the fully retractable roof light was being tested; peeled clean open to the blue skies and skyscrapers above there remained an unusual sense of calm and serenity amidst the construction work around you. From inside, outside and above the Oculus is soon to be the most photographed building of 2016.

Following a meeting with Michilli, successful G.C. for The Dune Group’s Dune Flagship at WTC (nice meeting room guys) we thought we’d visit the Valentino Fifth Ave flagship, which Michilli brought to fruition earlier in the year. Nine months on site saw the realisation of the beautiful David Chipperfield design. A grey terrazzo interior lies behind an eight story black steel and aluminium façade. The bag wall illuminated by brass pendant lighting is a stunning entrance feature. Well done to local architects Tricarico — was great working with you on Dune Roosevelt Field Mall.

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